Mar 25, 2021 Report

Staff Memo: "Lowering the Guardrails: How the Trump Administration Failed to Prevent Billions in Pandemic Small Business Fraud" [PDF]

Dec 16, 2020 Report

Staff Memo to Members of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis [PDF]

Oct 30, 2020 Report

Interim Staff Report: "Inefficient, Ineffective and Inequitable:  The Trump Administration’s Failed Response to the Coronavirus Crisis" [PDF]

Oct 16, 2020 Report

Staff Report: "Underserved and Unprotected: How the Trump Administration Neglected the Neediest Small Businesses in the PPP" [PDF]

Oct 9, 2020 Report

Staff Report "'Unnecessary Costs': How the Trump Administration Allowed Thousands of Aviation Workers to Lose Their Jobs" [PDF]

Oct 2, 2020 Report

Staff Analysis: "Pattern of Political Interference by the Trump Administration from February - September 2020" [PDF]

Sep 23, 2020 Report

Staff Analysis on the Federal Reserve's Corporate Bond Purchases [PDF]

Sep 13, 2020 Report

Staff Report: "Examination of States’ Preparedness for the November Election" [PDF]

Sep 1, 2020 Report

Preliminary Staff Report of Paycheck Protection Program Data [PDF]

Aug 6, 2020 Report

Staff Analysis: "A Failure to Lead: The Trump Administration's Disastrous Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic" [PDF]