May 12, 2022 Report

Staff Report: "‘Now to Get Rid of Those Pesky Health Departments!’:  How the Trump Administration Helped the Meatpacking Industry Block Pandemic Worker Protections” [PDF]

May 10, 2022 Report

Staff Report: "The Coronavirus Manufacturing Failures of Emergent BioSolutions" [PDF]

Apr 27, 2022 Report

Staff Report: "'We Had Our Hand in the Cookie Jar': The Trump Administration’s $700 Million ‘National Security’ Loan to Yellow Corporation" [PDF]

Dec 21, 2021 Report

Staff Memo: "Findings from Investigation into One Medical’s Administration of Coronavirus Vaccines." [PDF]

Dec 17, 2021 Report

Year-End Staff Report: “More Effective, More Efficient, More Equitable:  Overseeing an Improving & Ongoing Pandemic Response” [PDF]

Oct 27, 2021 Report

Staff Memo: "Coronavirus Infections and Deaths Among Meatpacking Workers at Top Five Companies Were Nearly Three Times Higher than Previous Estimates" [PDF]

Oct 13, 2021 Report

Staff Report: "Farmers to Families: An Investigation into the Trump Administration's Food Box Program" [PDF]

Sep 22, 2021 Report

Staff Analysis: "The Pandemic Recovery: The American Rescue Plan’s Impact on Alleviating Hardship and Supporting Economic Recovery" [PDF]

Jun 17, 2021 Report

Staff Memo: "Investigation into Federal Government Experts, LLC" [PDF]

May 19, 2021 Report

Staff Memo: "Preliminary Findings from Investigation into Emergent BioSolutions, Inc." [PDF]